Mike Rakebrandt for Congress

 New York's Second Congressional District

I’m Mike Rakebrandt and I’m running to unseat Andrew Garbarino in the 2nd Congressional District of New York.

Like many of you, I was upset with Andrew Garbarino’s reckless decision to support Biden’s $1.2 trillion dollar "Infrastructure Bill.” This betrayal goes against the Republican and Conservative platforms that got him elected in the first place. 

Unfortunately, Garbarino has a history of betraying us in the short time he has been in Congress. From his vote to not oppose the Certification of the 2020 presidential election – ignoring the more than 100 representatives from Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia to provide at least 10 more days so they could investigate the discrepancies – to his support of the partisan witch hunt that is the January 6 Commission, wherein he defied GOP leadership and President Trump, Garbarino has proven himself to be a RINO. His continued defense of his voting record shows just how tone-deaf and out-of-step he is with his constituents and the party as a whole.

Mike Rakebrandt is an America First conservative and a President Trump supporter with an eye towards common sense solutions and policy.



Mike grew up in Brooklyn and joined the US Navy at age 22. He proudly served for over nine years as a submariner, and then a Hospital Corpsman alongside USMC infantry battalions in the Middle East. In 2004, while deployed in Iraq, he was wounded in combat and was awarded the Purple Heart and the Navy Achievement Medal with Combat Distinguishing Device. 

With a desire to continue his public service and fulfill a childhood dream, Mike joined the NYPD in 2007, after which he was promoted to the Detective Bureau in 2013. Always willing to step up to the most challenging assignments – both in the Navy and now with the NYPD – Mike knows that he is at his best when he is serving our country and our community with honor, dignity, and courage. 

Mike lives in Holbrook, NY, with his wife, Lauren, and his four children, and their dogs Luna and Jupiter.


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On August 23 2022, Vote for Mike Rakebrandt in the
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New York's Second Congressional District